Hello, I'm Morgan. I'm 28 years old. I'm an administrative assistant/paralegal/student (I go big, or go home) hybrid in the Midwest-ish area. I live with my mega talented graphic designer/video director fiancé, Mike. We have a big fluffy orange cat named Carl and a Boston Terrier named Bo. 

I'm attempting to go from occasionally making mac and cheese and burning pre-made pizzas to cooking meals that are fresh and consist of real food. I'm also attempting to lose weight and live the healthiest life I can. The biggest challenge I am attempting to accomplish is to not use so many run on sentences. Already failing. Welcome to my crazy corner of the interwebs.


Follow me on Instagram! I post a lot of food and animal pictures. @burgersinmycakehole

If you're new to the blog, let's start here.

If you wish I had tons of photos of before, after and in between, let me explain.


Random bits of information about me unrelated to fitness and health:

-I day dream about owning a small farm and growing all of my veggies. And having animals to just hang with that are not for eating. This will never happen. I can't even keep the plant alive on my desk, much less know when fruits and veggies are "ripe." A girl can dream.

-I know every single word to DMX's Party Up and X Gon' Give It To Ya, and I've gotten many free drinks in my life to prove it.

-I watch A LOT of horror movies and action movies. I grew up watching Wesley Snipes movies. Passenger 57? Give me any movie about trouble in an airplane. I'm there.

-I hate country music more than words can explain. (Garth in the 90's gets a free pass.)

-I would have 8 dogs if Mike and Carl would let me. (I finally got Bo. 1 down. 7 to go. MWAHA)

-I'm pretty sure socks are the devil.

-I am obsessed with The X-Files, Fringe, Newsroom and Bob's Burgers. So, clearly I'm obsessed with conspiracy theories, aliens, political shows and cartoon comedies.

-I say everything is my "favorite" or "I'm obsessed with" before everything. My friends and family make fun of me. They just don't understand how passionate I am. :)

-I really like baseball. I'll pretty much cheer for any team because I enjoy the sport so much. Except the Yankees.

-My Grandpa is a retired Algebra teacher and retired Navy Captain. He is my hero. And I could listen to his stories about the war, courting my Grandma, and his theories on Stonehenge all day.

-I am very passionate about finding a cure for Alzheimer's.


Okay, let's party.