Weigh in. Plus, a cat with a mustache.

Let's start with the cat. We walked into Feeder's Supply to get Carl's special food and I made a bee line to the adoptable cats. That is when I saw this guy.


We caught him right when he was stealing an old lady cat's toy in the cage next to him. He was a tyrant. The girls at the shelter called him Kitler. Tyrant or no tyrant, I NEEDED this cat. I wanted to take him home so bad. Luckily he was on hold. So I didn't have to. His real name is Rambo and that fits him so well. He's going to be so internet famous.

Moving on.

I was starving by dinner last night. I usually eat a Fiber One bar in the afternoon but I didn't yesterday so I dominated some food.


I had a small serving of sweet potato fries. 1 serving of cream spinach. And two turkey burgers. I WAS HANGRY. I didn't want my dinner to be overloaded with carbs, so I only ate one full bun. I was more than satisfied until bed time. Which is rare. I normally need a  nighttime snack. Even with this meal, I still somehow only took in 1,250 calories. I like to shoot for at least 1,400. But, I didn't work out yesterday so I'm not too worried about it. We got to visit with some great friends and porch hang and that was much needed. In the Kentuckiana area, porch weather is the best thing ever. I'm starting to hate being inside!


I'm pretty happy with that number. The trick for me will be staying on course this weekend. I have full faith that I can do it.

I'm so excited for date night. We have date night EVERY Friday. Pretty much regardless of what is going on. And I highly recommend it.

Go see the Neighbors movie so we can discuss it!

Be back with weekend activities and next weeks menu!


Happy Freaking Friday.