Healthy Taco Salad

I wanted to do a super quick post about a perfect, healthful and delicious taco salad I put together for mine and Mike's lunches this week. I'm all about planning in order to save myself effort during the week. This salad is very interchangeable, and what you want to add or take out is completely up to you!

Brown a pound of lean grass-fed ground beef with a half a packet of taco seasoning.

In a seperate skillet, brown and cook down orange peppers. On medium heat with a dash of oil, it took about 10 minutes.

Make sure to drain the meat well. I also used a paper towel for excess juices coming off of the cooked peppers. I didn't want the meat and pepper juices to funk up my lettuce.

I started with a base of romaine and spinach mix. About two large handfuls. Put into your favorite Tupperware bowl.

Then layer toppings around the outer circle (or corners) of the lettuce bowl.

We added in corn salsa, a dollop of Greek yogurt, a large dollop of my Lazy Girl Guac (or you can buy the guiltless Guac from Trader Joe's which is almost exactly the same thing. If you're even lazier!) Top the salad with a sprinkle of your favorite lite cheese. Like TJ's lite Mexican shredded cheese. Then add cherry tomatoes, the ground beef and your pepper slices.


When you get to work, mix it all up! Tastes soooo guilty. But feels soooo good! I like to pack my salads this way because they stay fresh! They don't look this pretty when I'm eating it.

Excited to get back on track! This salad is the perfect way to do that!