Nachos with Pep

Time to get your lips wet, cause it's time to have pep. And not Salt N Pepa, the greatest rap duo from the 90's that I inappropriately sang at the top of my lungs in elementary school not knowing the meaning of their lyrics. Although they were there in spirit for this meal. These are low carb, gluten free, health nut, delicious, perfect, "cheat meal" tasting nachos. Made with crisp, sweet mini peppers. Drowned in ALL THE TOPPINGS. 

Let's take a ride in the food heaven mobile, shall we?


I had dreams about these nachos last night.  

You will need:

-About 10-15 small sweet peppers

-2 cups shredded and cooked chicken (we used rotisserie!)

-1 tablespoon chili powder

-garlic salt

-1/2 cup queso shredded cheese 

-1/2 cup cheddar shredded cheese

-Pico, cilantro and sour cream for toppings

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut sweet peppers in half, lengthwise. Cut out the seeds and inner white parts. Lay out on a baking sheet.

Take your shredded and cooked chicken and stuff as much as your heart desires into each pepper. 

Take your tablespoon of chili powder and evenly distribute onto all of the chicken stuffed peppers. Sprinkle garlic salt following the chili powder. This is all about preference. I made sure each one was pretty doused in it. We love garlic salt. 

You're now ready to top each pepper with cheese. I went crazy, and covered it all as much as I could. You can take the time to physically stuff cheese into each pepper crevice if you so desire. I like my food messy. Messy food tastes DEEEElicious. Most of the time. Okay, in this case.

Pop the peppers in the oven for about 10 minutes, or until cheese has melted.

Take them out. Top them with pico, sour cream and cilantro. Liberally. Go to topping town.


Can you believe these?! And no guilt! Mike and I split this whole thing. He and I have the appetite of wolves though. I also packed a few for lunch! They're so dynamic. And so crazy good. 


I think the instructions speak for themselves. These pep nachos are sooooo easy. So, basically what I'm saying is you have no excuse not to make them. Right meow. And then pat yourself on the back. Because you're feeling peppy.