6/12/15 Friday Weigh In

What's up, what's up! IT'S. FRIDAY. IN CASE. YOU DIDN'T. KNOW. Spread the word.

I'm happy, can you tell?

ONE: I'm all hyped up on an afternoon iced coffee run to Starbucks.

TWO: It's Friday.

THREE: It's payday.

FOUR: It's summer.

FIVE: I lost 4 pounds this week. By basically just not being an idiot when choosing what to eat.*


Sunday night, I had a lovely girls date with some friends where we stuffed our faces with SUSHAY and apricot mimosas. YES. APRICOT MIMOSAS. Heavenly. It was fun. We were there for almost 3 hours talking about literally everything, probably making people around us blush, but MIMOSAS.

I stuck very much to the plan I posted Sunday. I was bad about taking food pictures this week. We either had salads or sandwiches on Dave's Killer Bread that is genuinely killer. I will never buy another bread.

For dinner we had a meat of some kind and a veggie or two. I did Daily Burn, which we are now in love with. I never in a million years thought I'd pay for daily burn. But, I've learned something about myself lately and I'm a "class" girl. I like someone telling me what to do for 30-45 minutes and I'll follow along. Otherwise, if I'm on my own on the elliptical, you bet I'll half-ass it for 30 minutes and call it a day.

Drinking a glass of red wine before doing said 500 calorie burning Daily Burn video is not recommended. My face is still red and that was 2 days ago.

One night, Mike threw me a curveball. And, I basically hit it out of the park. He wanted Chinese. Chinese and Mexican food are my babies. Always and forever. I was anxious the last few hours of work trying to decide what to order. I just didn't want to slip into sesame chicken oblivion and into a fried rice coma. So, I ordered egg drop soup. Took a bite of Mike's chicken, and had a crab Rangoon. BIG DEAL. I know. But, it is a big deal for me. Because, going forward, I'm just not going to eat like an idiot. Will the weight come off slower? Sure. Will it still come off? Yes. I'll take the trade off for not having to mentally battle with myself every day on what I'm eating.

*So, let's restart here. This will be my starting over OFFICIAL first weigh in. Be back Sunday with our meal plan for the week and more recipes!

I hope you guys have the best weekend!