Why we didn't last on Whole30

First and foremost, biscuits and gravy. 


That is duck. Fluffy, ginormous biscuits with duck gravy. 

But for real. I just don't think we were all of the way mentally ready. That would be the biggest reason. We made it about 2.5 weeks. Which, I'm personally pretty proud of. We both lost weight and have kept it off. We both were regular. We both felt good. It's not that the Whole30 isn't a miracle way of eating. It is. It's just not always realistic. For us. My god, it's unreal how many things were processed even a little. 


Third reason we didn't make it? We're weak. Or, I should say, I'm weak. And Mike just goes along with it. He would eat a head of lettuce by itself if I put it in front of him and said "here's dinner!" And for that, I am eternally jealous of his willpower. His biggest craving? A damn sandwich. My biggest craving? Anything not Whole30 compliant. 

Last reason? Bourbon. I just wanted to drink with my friends. We had no friends for 2.5 weeks. 

With all of that said? We have agreed to eat paleo/whole30 ish 80% of the time. It just makes sense. And we almost did that in the first place. We like grilling up some meat/seafood with a veggie. It's delicious and easy for dinner. Weekends are what got us. We like trying all of the local places Louisville has to offer for stuffing our faces. One of our favorite things to do together is eat adventurously. And we got so damn bored. We got bored on the weekends. Oh, chicken and veggies again? On a Saturday? Eh. I'll just go to bed so I don't have to suffer through this again. Or watch Bob's Burgers for the 1 millionth time. But oh crap, now I want a burger. I'd even eat an overdone and dry burger as long as it came with bread and processed ketchup. See the weakness coming through?


And I missed adventurous cooking. I couldn't look at Pinterest without crying. IT WAS HARD. And I'm too sensitive for the Whole30 strict regimen about how I'm a huge fat failure if I can't do the whole 30 days. Be nice to me, please. :) 


I want to be very clear here that Whole 30 is incredible. It is a miracle. It will fix you. It did everything it said it would do. So, please, for the love of Pete, try it. Just for fun. (Haha...ohhhh, fun, right.) If you're anything like us, you'll be really proud and glad that you even attempted it.  


See this pizza? Okay. So. We didn't eat dairy. For a reeeeeeally long time. As I suspected I was still lactose intolerant. (I was when I was born.) I loaded up my pizza with fresh mozzarella to see what would happen. Me dying 4 hours later is what happened. I literally died and saw hell and then came back. IT. WAS. AWFUL. What if it was the gluten, you ask? I had tested gluten. And I seemed to be fine with that. Cheese? No. Am I depressed now? Eh, yeah. A little.  

WITH ALLLLLL OF THAT BEING SAID.... I am going to go back to posting our meal plans and exercise plans for the week, along with a weigh in. I miss it. And I miss little things, like low carb tortillas. Oh my god, it's as good as chocolate cake after Whole30. That's the other thing. Food is wayyyyy more delicious after whole30. Fruit is sweeter than candy. So, that was cool. 


This week, the plan is as follows:

Breakfast: Low carb mini breakfast burritos

Lunch: Mason jar salads


Grilled burgers with grilled zucchini (no bun) 

Grilled chicken wings with celery and ranch, fruit

Grilled steaks with mashed cauliflower

Curry chicken thighs with roasted sweet potatoes

Breakfast for dinner, sausage, eggs and hash

Snacks: make ahead and freeze green smoothies, turkey BLT roll ups, raw veggies and hummus or homemade ranch, and apples and peanut butter

 Fitness plan: AT LEAST 4 days of workouts. Daily Burn has a killer cardio kickbox that we like. Free Zumba on the river. Walk/running at the park with my brother. One day of weights, arms and legs. And stretching everyday. 

Sorry I let you guys down. But I'm excited to start back with weekly meal plans and weigh ins!