How I've Lost 50 Pounds

Long time no see. I've been busy. Busy trying to shrink. I can't believe I'm even writing this post. Let me give you a SUPERQUICK back story for those of you who are new here. I've always been "chubby." Literally, I've been chubby since 5th grade. I lost a substantial amount of weight in high school doing low-carb and I felt so good about myself. I then got my license and my food choices were no longer what mom made at home, but endless fast food options and late night Denny's trips with friends. I was in love with food. The worst ones. I gained back what I lost and then some (crapload.) I struggle and have always struggled with binge eating. I'm also queen dieter. So, over the last several years, my weight goes up and down and up and down. I put on a lot of weight when my now fiancΓ© and I got serious because that's a thing, right? The happy gain? At the end of January, I started a biggest loser competition at our work gym. I found success with calorie counting, but I will admit it was a very slow process. I lost about 15 pounds from that. I'm working on a compilation of photos and a more hefty "about" section to better serve as a backstory soon. At the end of the post, I've listed some resources I've used and continue to use for recipes, advice and support.

Since then, I've researched and researched and based on the obvious successful history I had with low carb, and my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (which is naturally an insulin resistant disorder), I knew low carb was the way to go. But, how do I not get bored? How do I keep myself from binging and ruining everything like I'm suuuuuuuper good at? Maybe I'll try alternating low carb and high carb days?  DING DING DING.

Our wedding is fast approaching in May of 2017 and I don't like to envision myself as the Michelin man in a wedding dress. Add in the fact that I generally want to be healthy, let's just say I'm very motivated.

I've found a great balance. It did take a while. May-July, I basically stalled trying to figure this all out. Also, I had a shitload of cookout foods to dominate, duh. For me, most days of the week I eat around 30 NET carbs a day. Other days, I eat healthy, lower calorie but higher in carbs so I can stay sane and have bread twice a week.

On an average, low carb day, my diet consists of a DEE FREAKING LICIOUS Atkins Mocha Latte Shake for breakfast. Lunches consist of a meat(protein such as baked fish, steak, chicken) and a veggie. Sometimes I order an Unwich from Jimmy John's. I have Starbucks still! I get an Americano with Heavy Cream and Sugar Free Syrup and it tastes like such a treat. For dinner, we eat a lot of low carb crab cakes, fish, steaks, chicken, low-carb chili (heaven), low carb pizzas (GAHHH) and lots of green veggies. And honestly? Almost every night I have a small bit of Breyer's chocolate low-carb ice cream. You gotta do what it takes to stay sane!

On nights where we have a lot going on, and cooking isn't in the cards, I get salads from either Zaxby's or Wendy's. I even eat the dang toast that comes with the Zaxby's salads because oh hey, I'm human.

I also found this INCREDIBLE low carb biscuit recipe so I can indulge in my breakfast sandwich cravings. GUYS. I usually don't do low-carb baked goods because ugh. But these did NOT disappoint. Even Mike dominated them.

And now, the moment everyone wants and that I so terribly dread, I will show you some before and after photos. I've decided to see myself through the rest of this weight loss journey, I have to be completely candid. I want to be as open as I can be with everyone. But honestly? I'm terrified to put myself out there. So be nice to me.

So, while this isn't drastically different, I don't have any photos from the very beginning. All of these before photos are after 15-20 pounds down. I notice the biggest difference in my belly area and my face. Oh, and my engagement ring is falling off and I have to wear ring "snuggies" and even they are getting loose. Also? My new work pants won't stay on.

I'm losing too fast to buy new clothes for every step. So, when you're desperate, binder clips work wonders so you don't flash your entire office. :)

Last but not least, let's address fitness. Let's talk about how much I hate it. LOATHE. Mike runs every day and I constantly tell him how insane he is. It's weird, I love being active. I love hiking, I love being outdoors, I love swimming, but when you tell me to "work out" I'm like nah. So, I got a Fitbit. And I have to say. It has changed my life. I got it and purposefully walked as much as I would on a normal day to see where I was at. I was so sedentary it was unreal. Nowadays? I walk AT LEAST 9,000 steps most days. Some days I go way over the 10,000 recommended steps. On Sundays I basically do nothing. With that being said, I have to start working out soon because I'm starting to be aware of the flab that comes with weight loss. So, if you have been on the fence about a Fitbit, DO IT NOW. It's an AMAZING motivator.

So. Here we are. This is where I am. This is all of the info I can get out at the moment. Please please please comment or write-me if you have any questions or suggestions of what you'd like to see me post more about as far as what I eat, what I've been doing, etc. because I've been there guys. I get it. I've read weight loss blog after weight loss blog and I always want to know more, More, MORE. So, I won't shun you. I'll be there for you. Because I know how important that is. Join me! I'm no where near done. Let's do this!!

I Breathe I'm Hungry has been instrumental with her AMAZING recipes. She also has meal plans!

When I must have a baked good that reminds me of the days when I ate what I wanted (in a bad way), I go to All Day I Dream About Food. She kills it in the low carb baked goods game.

And lastly, Reddit is a great place to read all about keto and low carb eating. It is also a great place to find support from others doing exactly what you are doing.