The Three F's. And Coffee.

Hey, what's up, hello.

Source: Morgue File

Source: Morgue File

It's been a few weeks. I haven't taken before and after photos of the house yet. DON'T BE MAD. I'm sorry. I love yo....okay.

Is anyone else OBSESSED with coffee? I know, basic. I remember when people started using the word basic and I was all, "I'm so glad I'm not basic." BUT, I AM. With coffee. And Starbucks. I've been Starbucked. Mike and I recently joined bank accounts soooooo I don't go there near as much as I used to. But, our credit cards are still separate. Wait, Mike, where are you going? Don't leave. I promise I'll try....TRY. I'm not even obsessed with it for the caffeine anymore. It's all about taste. I have a regular coffee in the morning and then around 3:00, I try to find excuses to go down to Starbucks for a delicious decaf treat. (Okay, our building has a Starbucks in it. Like, I am doomed.) I used to be a warrior, basically, and could drink regular coffee all day. Now, I spaz out so hard that I feel like Corky Romano when he accidentally inhales the coke. My co-workers hate spaz Morgan. They won't say it. But, I know they do. I CAN'T SHUT UP.

So, let's talk about subscription boxes and my new obsession with (some of) them.

**And before we delve into it, let me again say like in the past, FabFitFun has NO idea who I am. I paid for the box and they do not care about me enough to sponsor me.

They do, however, care enough about me, and you, to make a wicked awesome subscription box. I've tried some others. I don't want to name names but they rhyme with kipsy and smirchcox. I tried Fab Fit Fun last because it was a little pricier and wasn't monthly. BUT HEAVENS to betsy. JACK. EFFING. POT. This is my second box and I was worried the first one would be incredible and then they'd be like "ha ha sucker, we got you" and then send me the shittayest box ever next. No. I even think I like the Spring box better than the Winter box!

First, for the boring details. The box is $50. That includes shipping. It is a seasonal thing, so 4 boxes a year. No contract or anything dicey. If you don't want it anymore, just holler and they won't charge you. If you are new and use the promo code SAVES10, you will, well, save $10. I can do math and I'm smart.

Both of my boxes thus far have had $25 gift cards to amazing online stores. So, when they say the value is around $200, they. ain't. kidding.

It's like christmas. But 4 times a year. And us ladies deserve that ish. So, tell your man instead of flowers, FabFitFun box me. Dirty.

My favorite thing about this box in particular is that it always includes at least 2 HEALTH related gifts. The rest is pure girly goodness. I got this sweet pink jump rope last box. This time I got an awesome yoga mat cord that you can use to either carry your mat, or you can use it for body weight exercises. It also has this AMAZING herb garden kit. Adorable. And delicious.

My second favorite thing about FabFitFun is everything is full size. No sample size crap like A LOT of other boxes. My hair has never been more tame and soft. I have an amazing spray in conditioner that I'm still going strong with from my Winter box. Spring came with an Argan and Hemp Oil for my hair. I want to swim in it. 3 BATH BOMBS. Eat your heart out, Lush. (Okay, I love Lush's body wash and use it religiously, but still.) Not to mention, it also came with shaving cream for silky smooth legs (Mike is like "thank god" somewhere right now, I know it.) AND these AMAZING Keratin gloves AND socks. I'm basically at the spa right now.

It also came with a contour kit. Which leads me to my next point. I'm going to morph into a Kardashian. Baha. No. I'd rather die. My next point is that you customize your skin type, hair type, etc. Which is AWESOME because then I know they aren't sending me stuff I can't use. I'd also be lying if I didn't say my favorite part is always the gift card (duh) and the adorable little dainty necklaces they send.

We don't frivolously spend money in this house. We both have student loans, bills and a MORTGAGE now. So, if I'm going to have a little indulgence besides my Starbucks, it has to be worthy of my hard earned money. This is so well worth it. It's health conscious and full of awesome beauty items that make me feel great. And, seeing the adorable box sitting on my porch when I get home after a long day is EVERYTHING. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this.

Eating healthy is going well. Be back Monday for some weigh in numbers and dare I say, a recipe!!! I just got my girl Andie's cookbook, so you know what I'm doing all weekend.

And, I just have to say again. Not in the least bit sponsored. I just think we all deserve a little fun indulgence sometimes. You just needed to know that I find this one worth it. And I am very hard to please. Just ask Mike. And my parents.

K, fine. One picture of the house.

Bo says "heyyyyy ladieeeeessss."